Money Doesn't Grow on Trees - Share Cetificate Special

Share Certificate Specials

As most people know, money doesn't grow on trees - but you can grow yours with a little help from Community Powered! We're running a limited time offer that can be found on the front of the Friday News Journal starting on Friday, February 15th. These rates will have you going green in no time at all!

Bring in our Ad for these Special Share Certificate Rates

Just like everything else in the Spring - this is when you plant seed and watch them grow - grow your money by coming in to one of our locations and start now!

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield as of date of publication; valid on new money only. Active Community Powered checking account required. Not eligible with other offers. Penalty for early withdrawal. Limited time offer; rates/yields subject to change without notice. Minimum opening deposit is $500. Insured by NCUA. For people not receiving the News Journal, please pull this page up on your mobile device to qualify for this special offer in our offices.

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